Top Five Weight Loss Myths And Misconceptions

The numbers of obese people are increasing by the day. People do not realize that they might face several lifestyle constraints and might fall sick too if they gain fat beyond a certain limit. Keeping this in mind, they should check their body mass index on a regular basis and try to achieve better results the next time. Here are some misconceptions and myths regarding weight loss.

1) Myth: I can easily reduce my excessive weight by not eating for several days continuously. Theoretically this principal should work. However, you might face other health related problems if you do not take food on a regular basis. If necessary, reduce the quantity of food and stay away from your favorite dishes if you cannot control your cravings for them.

2) Misconception: How can I gain weight just by eating potato chips, purchased from the market? These chips contain a high dose of saturated fatty acids that your digestive system is unable to process. As a result, they remain in your system, and after a couple of days convert to fat. You should eat healthy home cooked food and avoid junk food totally.

3) Misconception: Drinking aerated drinks will not cause any buildup of fat, since it is liquid. You are wrong. Aerated drinks, especially the diet ones, contain a high percentage of calories. If our body cannot burn these calories, they convert to fat. It is as simple as that. This effect is more visible in persons who have a low metabolic rate.

4) Myth: Eating just any weight reductions pills or supplements will help me to shed weight quickly. Be extremely careful about the authenticity of the online stores promoting such supplements and pills. Some of them may cause more harm than good. No doubt, you can find proper supplement and weight reduction tablets that help you reduce weight by increasing the rate of metabolism of your system.

5) Myth:  Since I am taking weight loss pills, I can eat as much food as I like. Nothing could be more misleading than this. On the one hand, the pills are trying to remove your excessive fat and on the other hand, you are compensating for the loss of fat by eating junk food, gaining fat in the process. Restrain your urge for binging during the duration of the course of taking weight reduction supplements.

It is important that you check your weight loss on a weekly basis and not down this information on a notepad. This will help you realize whether you are following the routine properly or not. Last of all, drink lots of water, since it flushes the toxins generated by the rotting fat inside your body. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing fat to a certain extent.